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11. Seeking the Face of the Savior

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Discussion Questions

1. A. What lesson did you learn from the conflict about washings?


    B. How might one be guilty today of this misplaced focus on tradition?



2. Read Romans 14:17 and Philippians 4:8-9.


   A. How do these words of Paul relate to the words of Jesus concerning



   B. Is there one aspect of your inner life that you want to be more

       surrendered to Christ?



3. A. In the John 9 account of healing the blind man, what fact about the

         Pharisees stands out to you?


    B. What impresses you about the healed man?


    C. Is there something about Jesus’ behavior that especially blesses you?



4. A. What application to your life do you make from Jesus cleansing

         the temple?


    B. Why do you think the praises of the children were so important

         to Jesus?



5. Read Luke 19:41-44.   What does this tell you about Jesus?


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