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11. The End: Salvation, Judgment, and Rewards

The Article: The Doctrine of Rewards


There is confusion today regarding the judgment of believers and what that will entail. This article seeks to clarify the issues involved by discussing the meaning of the “judgment seat” or bema of Christ, including such ideas as the time, place, participants, the judge, and purpose for the examination. The nature of the rewards as well as a brief discussion of “crowns” in the NT will be offered.


    1. What is the meaning of the Bema seat of Christ? What are some reasons why this doctrine has been misunderstood?

    2. What is the nature of the judgment and who will participate?

    3. What are three different views of the bema seat of Christ? How are they different? Similar?

    4. Which one does the article argue for? Do you agree? Why? Why not?

    5. What does the language of “crowns” evoke? Describe the NT teaching on the idea of rewards and the use of crowns to describe those awards.

The Article: What the Bible Says About Hell


This article is a brief survey outlining several aspects related to the topic of hell. It begins by discussing some facts about eternity, most important of which is that all people will live for eternity. Then the author lists several important facts about hell from some of the most important passages. Next, he discusses erroneous views of hell as well as objections to the biblical view of hell. The last section of the paper deals with biblical terms describing the place of the dead, hell, and the afterlife.


    1. Summarize the Bible’s teaching on hell.

    2. State and evaluate certain erroneous views of hell. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?

    3. What are some objections to the biblical view of hell and why are they so appealing? If you happen to have read “Three Views of Hell” (not required for this study), discuss some of the problems with each view.

    4. What are some of the biblical terms for describing hell and the afterlife?

    5. What does the doctrine of hell teach you about God’s justice and man’s sin?

Scripture Memory Passage: John 5:28-29

Related Topics: Eschatology (Things to Come), Soteriology (Salvation), Discipleship

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