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1. Seeking the Face of the Savior

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Discussion Questions

1. A. Have you ever felt that God was withholding something from you?

B. What was the hardest part of dealing with that?

C. Are there lessons you have learned from that experience?

2. A. Is there a particular promise of God (not yet fulfilled) that is especially important to you?

B. Do you ever struggle with impatience as you wait for the fulfillment? What have you found that helps you?

3. A. Will you share a time when someone encouraged you and changed your outlook?/p>

B. How can one become a better encourager of others?

4. A. Self-centeredness is a continual snare to us; what do you see in our culture that promotes it?

>B. What have you found that helps you resist it?

5. A. What is one thing you admire about Elizabeth

B. Why do you think Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus?

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