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1. The Heart of the Message (Romans 1:1-7)

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Paul wrote it. The Holy Spirit inspired it. Millions of lives have been changed by it. If the Gospel of John is the lobster of the New Testament, then Romans is filet mignon. This letter addresses the gravity of sin, the concept of justification, the necessity of faith, the struggle with sin, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the future of Israel, the gifts of the Spirit, the purpose of government, the existence of gray areas, and much, much more. Welcome to a life-changing study of the Book of Romans.

As part of this study, we want to encourage you to engage with the biblical text during the week in preparation for each message. To assist you in getting into God’s Word, we’d like to suggest a couple of commentaries to read each week for you to choose from. Page numbers will be provided each week in the bulletin.

For lighter reading:

The Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary, Volume 2, covers the entire NT in one volume. Romans is covered in only 85 pages! For next week, please read pp. 523-26 which covers Romans 1:1-17, as well as any background info contained on pp. 519-23 that might interest you.

For heavier reading:

The New American Commentary on Romans by Robert Mounce. This will require 10-15 pages of reading each week. For next week, please read pp. 59-74 which covers Romans 1:1-17, as well as any background info contained on pp. 21-58 that might interest you.

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