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Following the model, this outline and accompanying audio message from Dr. Bill Lawrence of Leader Formation International are designed to assist users of to grow and teach quality principles of leadership in an appropriate context for their respective audience. These outlines can help you in grasping the themes of each study as well as guide you in your own teaching preparation. You can gain important insights and learn new Bible study and teaching method styles used by others, like Dr. Lawrence.



Why does God lead us into storms?

Sometimes, as with Jonah, we rush into storms when we are running away from God. Such storms are self-imposed. Yet there is no doubt that there are times when we are peacefully rowing across life’s lake, as with the disciples, when we are sent into storms not of our own making.

Frightening, frustrating, disturbing, distressing, disrupting our tranquil lives, storms take many forms from unexpected physical illnesses to depression to family struggles to career crashes and more. And why? Why?

This is the question we consider in Stormology, the study of storms, where we see the disciples and Jonah in two very different settings struggling with storms in their lives. And we find the question Why answered by the parable Jesus told at the end of the Sermon on the Mount: storms come to reveal the foundation on which we are building our lives. Storms come into the lives of those who build on the Rock of the Living Word as well as those who build on the sand of their own flesh. Everyone—everyone—faces storms. The question is will you life stand or fall in the midst of the storm?

I invite you to listen to this series called Stormology to discern what storms reveal about you. Are you wise or foolish? Storms tell all.

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