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How to Enjoy Your Bible: The Word and the words; how to study them

My prayer is that, the same Spirit who inspired the words in the Scriptures of Truth, may also inspire them in the hearts of my readers and may cause each to say (with David), “I rejoice in Thy words as one that findeth great spoils” (Ps. cxix. 162): and to exclaim (with Jeremiah), “Thy words were found and I did eat them, and Thy Word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart” (Jer. xv. 16.)

It was this combination of the “WORD” and the “WORDS,” both here and in John xvii. 8, 17, that suggested the sub-title “The Word and the words; how to study them.”

Part I. deals with the “Word” as a whole. Part II. deals with the “words”; and, under twelve Canons, gives the important methods which must be observed and followed if we would understand, and enjoy them. A varying number of illustrations is given under each division; these are by no means exhaustive; and are intended only as a guide to further study.

This work should be gone carefully through, with Bible in band, in order to verify the statements put forward, and to enter on the margins of the Bible notes for future use.

This may be done individually; but, better still, in small classes meeting for the purpose, when each point could be made clearer and more profitable by mutual study and conversation.

With the hope that this course will be adopted by its many readers in many countries and climes, this work is at length sent forth. 

-from the Author's Preface

This book from E. W. Bullinger is a helpful resource for learning to study the Bible carefully and systematically. While older public domain works are not as generally included in the library of resources it has been included because its topic nature accords so closely with one of the main goals of the site. We want to help people be faithful students of the Word of God. This inclusion of this work does not imply an endorsement of or agreement with the theology of this author or his other works. It does imply an endorsement of his desire to help individuals know the Word of God through faithful study, and of the importance of carefully and systematically studying Scripture.

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