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Heartbreak To Hope: Good News From Mark

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This world is full of heartache and pain. Chronic illness. Persecution. Poverty. Unrealized dreams. Job struggles. Broken relationships. Bondage to guilt, fear, destructive behavior, and fatigue. God looked upon your life with compassion and provided a solution—His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus understands every single one of your heartaches. He experienced human life for more than 30 years. He gets your physical pain, rejection, strained relationships, abuse, grief, and impatience because those were part of His life as well. When you go to Him in prayer, you can trust that He understands, that He knows how you are feeling and what your needs are at that moment.

Through Heartbreak to Hope: Good News from Mark, you will learn how your heartbreak, pain, and uncertainty can be overcome by the hope, healing, and love of Jesus.

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