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Hazards of Being a Leader

I'm a good leader. But I want to be a great leader. [If you're already a great leader, stop reading right now. This series is not for you! Go write a book on leadership for the rest of us!] This series began from a personal desire to improve my own leadership. Each study considers a negative tendency of leaders and shows a biblical character who grew to overcome this flaw. Likewise, you are either a bad leader, a good leader, or a great leader. Stu Weber reminds us, "Someone is always in charge." That means there's always a leader in every group--whether in the workplace, the social sector (e.g., the church), or the home. I'm comforted knowing that bad leaders can become good, and good leaders can become great! This series is designed to take you to the next level. Join us in this journey to improve your leadership at work, at church, and in the home.


"Hazards of Being a Leader" is a 12-part series for men (a follow-up series to the hugely popular series "Occupational Hazards of Being a Man"). Each audio message runs about 35 minutes and studies a biblical character who failed in leadership and then corrected their own error. A worksheet is available for each study (in Word) that contains a couple of reflection questions and a meditation verse. Thus the study can be done individually or in a group. Best wishes as you accept the challenge to grow in your leadership!


This is a new series that is in process. Completion date is expected in mid December 2007. Come join in with the men at Trinity Bible Church as pastor Jeff Miller teaches this exciting new series. Based upon the hugely popularity Hazards of Being a Man series, we expect this will be a blessing to us all. Thanks Jeff!

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