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Facing Your Feelings

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Vickie Kraft has seen it time and again--women who want to grow spiritually, but are slowed by unresolved emotional issues. The process of developing emotional maturity, Kraft explains, is entwined with the process of growing spiritually. Each area affects the other--for better or for worse.

Kraft shares how women can make great strides in spiritual growth by learning to handle emotions maturely. Rather than being a victim of emotions--by "stuffing" them or allowing them to run unchecked--women can learn to face their feelings and become stronger, more loving Christians. Facing Your Feelings offers specific advice for handling a variety of emotions with honesty and maturity, including: anger, unforgiveness, rejection, bitterness, and envy.

Kraft's many years of experience enable her to offer suggestions for facing even deep-rooted emotional issues. Through biblical and practical examples, she encourages women to take responsibility for emotional wholeness and spiritual growth. Facing Your Feelings will prove truly liberating for women who desire wholeness in their spiritual lives.

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