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Send us suggestions for projects or site improvements

In 2008/9 we took many of your suggestions for site improvements and began a major upgrade to site. One result was an enhanced language capability that will improve the support provided to our mission boards and the missionaries serving across the globe. With this upgrade we will be able to:

  • Showcase the best articles in key topic areas in order that they may be translated into multiple languages. This will we better serve our volunteer translators and highlight their efforts for the kingdom.
  • Improve Bible reference indexing: Articles are now available and indexed by verse and verse range not just Book and chapter

Another major feature of the upgrade is we will be able to more rapidily respond to your suggestions for site improvements and ministry projects you feel we should undertake. We have made the investment in learning this new software framework so we can continue to build into the number one Trusted Christian Content Community Site on the Internet. To continue to be effective in ministry must be able to rapidly respond to the needs of our global user community for material and training. To give you a flavor of the type of constructive comments we have recieved we have set this section up as a Book and a page for each user comment. By organizing the material this way we can document the various ministry opportunities/project that have been requested by the users. Our prayer is that as we open up the public dialog between the community of users that are the community, we will see a concensus develop around various ministry needs and as it does many of you might be able to say: I see the need for that ministry project and I can support it with my time, talents and/or resources and as this expression happens projects will get staffed, funded and excutation will begin and goal of seeing the Great Commission completed in one generation will be one step closer.Praise God!! Amen and Amen.


We encourage you to get involved and begin the dialog in the following ways:

  1. Send us suggestions for site improvements that will help to better serve the Christian Community (see current list below for examples and click on the page links to see progress)  The preferred way to send us suggestions is by using the ticket feedback system on the bottom of each page. We are set up to track them and move them around the team and we will take the more significiant ones and post them to this section as a page in this send us suggestions book

  2. Using the project proposal submission process send us suggestions for any major projects that you would like to partner with or you think the development community should undertake to better serve the Christian Community

  3.  Review our active development projects and assist those project teams

  4. Fill our volunteer job board application to volunteer your time and talents to help and review the current tasks available .

See also below a sample of the current list of user suggestions that we have received on how to improve the site and ministries:




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