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What about the studies that have proven homosexuality is genetic?

The Scripture, which is God-breathed and accurate, gives us God’s declaration concerning the issue of homosexuality. It clearly states that homosexuality is sinful and contrary to man’s basic nature. Since we hold the authority of Scripture over against man’s situational ethics or beliefs on moral issues, we must, though we do so in love, reject the so-called findings of modern genetics as erroneous and biased. I take it that although we are all born with a sin nature and with the condemnation of Adam’s sin on our heads (according to Ephesians 2 and Romans 5 in particular), no one is born in such a way that certain sins must take place. In other words, biology is not destiny. The definition of homosexual needs some clarity: some use the term to refer to an individual who practices homosexual acts; others use it to describe someone with homosexual proclivities. This comes back to the previous point: biology is not destiny.

By analogy, I have no trouble accepting the notion that each one of us, as descendants of Adam, has received a genetic proclivity toward one kind of a sin or another. For some, it might be anger; for others, it might be lust. But regardless, no one—no matter what the proclivity—is ever excusable before God for acting out on that proclivity. Hence, homosexual proclivity would be treated the same way, not differently. When we tell an alcoholic to abstain from drink, is that not just as consistent with telling a person with homosexual proclivities to abstain from homosexual activity? As for hermaphrodites, I think the scripture singles them out precisely because they are an exceptional case and must be treated as such.

As to the data that is supposed to prove that homosexual preferences are genetically caused, other experts have researched the issues and are convinced the data is biased by a desire to justify that which God declares as wrong, harmful, and under His judgment as with any of mankind’s sins as declared in God’s Word. Scripture gives us God’s revelation on this, not to keep us from enjoying life, but to protect us from ourselves and the depravity to which we can all go when we seek to live life apart from a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and in the light of the Bible as God’s index and authority for both belief (doctrine) and practice (behavior).

Again, we would refer the reader to a Christian site that has done a great deal of research on this and other current moral issues in our society; please take a look at Probe Ministries at They have several articles by their writers and researchers who have studied this area and I am sure they would be delighted to dialogue with you. Search for “homosexual” and you will find a number of articles with the names of the authors and their email address. Though disagreeing with your conclusions, I think you will find their articles to be compassionate and concerned for homosexuals.

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