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Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

I understand your feelings about this issue, I can assure that the goal of the article “Should Christians Celebrate Christmas” on our web site was not to justify something that is inherently wrong, but help people deal with what can too easily become a form of legalism. Certainly, the way the world celebrates Christmas and its idea of the spirit of Christmas is way off base and a travesty of the meaning of the birth of our blessed Savior and the reason for His incarnation. But if we avoid everything the world distorts, we would also have to do away with a great deal of what we do, even the things clearly commanded in Scripture like marriage, assembling ourselves as Christians for worship, and what have you. Just because the world distorts it does not make it wrong. The pagan concepts associated with the tree and other features of the Christmas season lost their significance and meaning years and years ago just as did the names of the days of the week, all of which were once associated with pagan beliefs.

Regardless, I think it is significant that (at least in my experience as a pastor for nearly 30 years and Bible student for many more) the majority of those who hold conservative, evangelical beliefs about the person and work of Christ, find no problem with the celebration of Christmas as long as certain precautions are provided. That doesn’t prove it is okay, but it does suggest that a large number of people who love the Savior and have given their lives in full-time service just have not found this to be an issue.

In the final analysis, as a study of Romans 14 shows us, each person needs to be persuaded in his own mind and not act against his or her own conscience or convictions in this matter.

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