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How did Adam name all the animals in one 24-hour day?

The material below is taken from Henry Morris’ book Biblical Creationism, which I think answers your questions. I hope it helps.

Before God formed Eve, however, he “introduced” Adam to the animals he had formed earlier in the day. Adam was to exercise dominion over them, so God told him to name them, giving each a name appropriate to the individual characteristics of each. The animals brought to him by God included “all cattle . . . the fowl of the air, and . . . every beast of the field” (Gen. 2:20)—that is, those animals that would live near him and might be possible candidates for companionship or usefulness to man. Not included were the fish of the sea, the beasts of the earth, or the creeping things. Furthermore, only the created “kinds” of these animals were included, not the multitudes of genera, species, and varieties that later proliferated from them.

In view of the limited number of relevant kinds of cattle, field animals, and birds and, in view also of Adam’s giant intellect in comparison with our own, as well as divine guidance and instruction, this project would not have occupied more than about half a day. An additional purpose of the assignment was to show Adam that he needed a companion that would be like him, an “help meet for him.” So God proceeded to form Eve from Adam’s side and then to give her to him as his wife.

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