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Does God’s plan for our lives include a specific person as a mate?

The primary focus of Scripture as to God’s will for choosing a mate concerns the “kind” of individual the person is, i.e., a believer and one who is committed to Christ. Certainly, God has a sovereign will for each of us, but from the standpoint of our responsibility, Scripture gives us biblical principles to enable us to find the kind of person he wants us to marry. In other words, no passage of Scripture tells us God has a specific person that we are to wait for which will be the perfect soul mate. If one is prayerfully and faithfully walking with the Lord and waiting on Him to bring the right kind of person along in His time, one will find the right person.

Marriage, biblically speaking, is a process of growth together where the partners in the marriage are to give themselves as helpers to one another through their relationship with Christ. Christ-like character is the key to marriage, not finding one particular “special” person. I have actually heard of people getting divorced because they became convinced their partner was not God’s perfect one for them. This is nonsense. If both parties commit themselves to Christ, any relationship can be turned into a “right mate” relationship.

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