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A note from Dr. Tony Evans Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Among those who will be considered greatest in the Kingdom will be the men and women who utilized their God-given time, talents and treasures to minister to children. Jesus made it clear that unless adults become like little children, they cannot enter His Kingdom. Jesus went on to teach that the treasures of God are reserved for those who receive them as babies (Matthew 11:25).

It is critical, therefore, that ministry to children not be marginalized, but instead placed at the very epicenter of God’s Kingdom Agenda. It has been the inconsequential treatment of children that has resulted in many of the culture’s malaise we are experiencing in contemporary society. With the breakdown of the family and the exit from churches, we are seeing a generation of children who are left to learn their values, priorities, morality and discipline from an increasing secular society that holds little regard for God.

This is why I am excited about being involved with Net Bible and www.bible.org. This organization is responding to the urgent need to reach children while they are still growing. It is imperative that the message of the gospel and a solid biblical foundation be laid for the next generation if we expect to see the tide of social disintegration reversed.

This means that there must be an aggressive, offensive effort by parents, churches, teachers and Christian organizations to reach children wherever they can be found, and they can be found everywhere. We must give them God’s truth on their level, in the uniqueness of their personalities, so that they are able to understand and apply biblical principles in every area of their lives. It also means equipping families and churches with the knowledge and resources to transfer spiritual truth in a way that our children can easily receive.

Children deserve every opportunity to grow spiritually. All those who invest in the lives of children are in fact investing in the future. The saga of a nation is truly the saga of its children written large. Our future depends on the impact we make, or fail to make, in the lives of our children.

For His Sake,

Dr. Tony Evans

Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship