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According to Faith Popcorn, America is about to experience a socioquake. Her book, The Popcorn Report, lists ten trends to shape the 1990’s.

1. Cocooning—a return to home as a haven against the world’s dangers and problems. This is a self-preservation move with at least three modifications: the armored cocoon, the wandering cocoon and the socialized cocoon.

2. Fantasy Adventure—a vicarious distraction through consumerism. It’s swimming with sharks and never leaving your pool. It’s embellishment that transports you to the Orient or to a quiet resort.

3. Small Indulgences—satisfying the inner motivation of “I deserve it.” The basic element—small indulgences. Crucial to this trend is quality; value and intrinsic worth v. image and name.

4. Egonomics—products services exclusively for the individual—personalization and customability.

5. Cashing out—an emphasis on living now—long and well. It is swapping the traditional success prizes for a slower pace and greater quality of life. Safety, comfort and old-fashioned values will be pursued.

6. Down-Aging—older is becoming better. In 1986 the first baby boomers turned forty. Their philosophy declares whatever age they are is the only age to be.

7. Staying Alive—an optimistic conviction of a coming cure for any disease. Self-health care is the future. Hydroponically grown produce, holistic medicine, acupressure and biofeedback will be the rage; anything to stay alive.

8. The Vigilante Consumer—consumer groups willing and ready to face the corporations regarding false claims. Quick response to confrontation is expected. People who we can hold accountable and trust are wanted. Labels had better tell the truth.

9. 99 Lives—a return to a simpler life. The fast frenzy of the 1980’s left much in the dust. We do not lack for anything except more time. Multifunction products and services are coming—do more in one place. Personal services to the home and office will be premium.

10. S.O.S. (Save Our Society)—anything that will help our society be a Decency Decade—environment, education and ethics. Doing good is no longer optional. The S.O.S. maxim: The nation’s concerns are the corporation’s concerns.

Popcorn, Faith, The Popcorn Report. (Doubleday, a division of Bantam Doubleday Bell Publishing Group, Inc., 1991

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