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Why Me?

“In all fairness, if we ask the ‘Why me?’ question in regard to our burdens, we should also ask it in regard to our blessings.

“We take for granted 100 days of perfect health, and then grumble about one day of aches and pains.

“We drive the freeway hundreds of times without incident, and then ask, ‘Why me?’ the one time we have a flat tire or engine trouble.

“We casually accept the fact when our family is together for the holidays, but when we are separated, we dwell on our loneliness.

“How often do we say, ‘Why me?’ as we count our blessings"

“Rather than feeling sad about what we don’t have, doesn’t it make more sense to feel a kind of rollicking rejoicing over everything we do have?”

Dr. Dale Turner, quoted in MSC Health Action News, Vol. XVII, No. 11, Nov./Dec., 1997, p. 1

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