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Conversation Starters

1. If you didn’t have to worry about making a living what would you most like to do for the rest of your life'

2. What is your earliest memory'

3. If you could live in any other time, past, present, future, what would it be and why'

4. What motivates you most to go to work each day: money or personal satisfaction? If money were not an issue, would you still keep your job'

5. If you knew that tomorrow would be the last full day of your life, how would you spend the day'

6. What is your most important goal in life right now? Will your life change in some way if that goal is reached? If so, how'

7. If the people who know you best were asked, would they say you tend to be mostly predictable or unpredictable? Why? Which of these traits do you most value in a friend? Do you tend to follow a set routine or do you often do the same things differently'

8. What social situations tend to make you most flustered and nervous? Why'

9. For $10,000 would you be willing to stand up spontaneously and sing The Star Spangled Banner at the top of your lungs in the middle of a church service'

10. What are three things you would like to accomplish in the next year'

11. If you were to move to a poor, primitive country, what three things would you most miss from your current life'

12. What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told? Why? What were the consequences, if any'

13. What three things do you believe without any doubts'

14. What is one of the books (other than the Bible) that has had the greatest influence on your life? Why'

15. If God would grant you any one request, what would it be'

16. “Activity that does not result in progress toward a goal is a waste of time.” Do you agree? Is it ever OK to waste time'

17. What would you say are your 5 greatest strengths? Weaknesses'

18. Under what circumstances do you feel most lonely? Least lonely? Why'

19. What do you look forward to most about growing old? Least'

20. What traits do you think are most important to instill in your children? Why'

21. If you could relive any part of your life, what would it be and why'

22. Have either of your parents either told you they were sorry or asked your forgiveness for something? How did it make you feel'

23. What is the most difficult choice you’ve had to make in your life up to this point? Why? What factors helped you make the choice?

24. you believe God has only one perfect mate for everyone'

25. A football coach once said, “We learn almost nothing in victory, but we learn much in defeat.” Do you agree or disagree. In your life, have you learned most from failures or successes'

26. What would you most like people to remember you for after you die? What would you like written on your tombstone'

27. What is the most dangerous thing you’d like to try doing? What keeps you from doing it'

28. What are the biggest questions you have about your relationship with God'

29. What are the five things you are most thankful for in your life right now'

30. Would you say that the focus of your life right now is more on the development of relationships or on the accomplishment of goals and objectives? What would you like to change about this focus, if anything'

31. During WWII German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer participated in a conspiracy to assassinate Hitler. Although the conspiracy failed and he was executed for making the effort, do you think Bonhoeffer was right in his attempts to kill Hitler? If you had been Bonhoeffer, would you have participated in this murder conspiracy? Why or why not'

32. What was the greatest peer pressure you felt as a teen? What is the greatest peer pressure you feel as an adult? How are you handling it'

33. As a child, when you got caught doing something wrong, which of the following were you most likely to do? Blame someone else, Deny that you did it, Run and hide, Take full responsibility and accept the consequences. What are you most likely to do now as an adult'

34. Do you think people would be surprised about your thought life? How often would you be embarrassed if others knew exactly what was on your mind? Do you think your thought life is better or worse than most of the people in your circle of friends? Why'

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