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  • Our calling and purpose as followers of Christ is to love God completely, to love self correctly, and to love others compassionately. - Kenneth Boa, Preaching Resources, Spring 1996, p. 71.
  • All men seek happiness. There are no exceptions…Yet all men complain…A test which has gone on so long, without pause or change, really ought to convince us that we are incapable of attaining the good by our own efforts…this infinite abyss can be filled only with an infinite object.” - Blaise Pascal, French physicist and philosopher
  • Less than everything cannot satisfy man. - William Blake, poet
  • I want the whole Christ for my Savior, the whole Bible for my book, the whole Church for my fellowship, and the whole world for my mission field. - John Wesley]
  • W act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. - Charles Kingsley, Bits & Pieces, December 9, 1993, p. 16.
  • Sign on door: “Gone out of business. Didn’t know what our business was.” - 1963—University Christian Church in NY
  • Put all your eggs in one basket—and watch that basket. - Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Willson (Harper & Row)
  • This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one: the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap, and being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. - George Bernard Shaw, quoted in Courage - You Can Stand Strong in the Face of Fear, Jon Johnston, 1990, SP Publications, p. 171.
  • The glory of God, and, as our only means to glorifying Him, the salvation of human souls, is the real business of life. - C. S. Lewis
  • Imagine people going to work day after day without knowing their company’s business, yet that’s exactly what happens when church members don’t know what their church is trying to do. - Anon
  • Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim. - George Santayana
  • Cartoonist Ralph Barton, although successful and in demand, took his own life, leaving a note nearby that included these words, “I am fed up with inventing devices to fill up twenty-four hours of the day.” - Charles Swindoll, Living Above the Level of Mediocrity, p. 179
  • “More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.” - Billy Sunday
  • A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder—a waif, a nothing, a no man. Have a purpose in life, and, having it, throw such strength of mind and muscle into your work as God has given you. - Thomas Carlyle.
  • When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s difficult to keep your mind on the fact that your primary objective is to drain the swamp.
  • News commentator Dan Rather has a good way of keeping his professional objective always in mind. He says he looks often at a question he’s written on three slips of paper. He keeps one in his billfold, one in his pocket, and one on his desk. The probing reminder asks, “Is what you are doing now helping the broadcast?” - Our Daily Bread, March 9
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