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Martin Luther

Here you ask: Do you mean to say that this promise (I John 5:14) is always true even though God often does not give what we have asked for? As His Word shows, it is certainly His will to deliver you from all evil, not to leave you in temptation, and to give you your daily bread. Otherwise He would not have commanded you to pray for these things. If you pray in this way—that all may go according to His will—then your prayer is certainly heard. Therefore when in trouble and danger, you should certainly pray for deliverance and help, but in the way the Lord’s Prayer teaches you—if it tends to hallow His name and please His will; if not, that He will act as He sees best. If it is not heard according to our will, then it is heard according to the will of God, which is better than ours.

Martin Luther, source unknown

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