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D. L. Moody

In his new biography of evangelist D. L. Moody, author Lyle Dorsett relates the following story of God’s amazing faithfulness:

It was the spring of 1862 and the Civil War had taken its toll on troops and citizens alike. Evangelist D. L. Moody was frequently seen on the battlefields, ministering to soldiers on the frontlines. During one instance, late at night after a weary day at war, the party of Christian workers was walking among the body-strewn fields searching for survivors.

The hundreds of men they came upon were wounded and famished, and a search of the area produced little nourishment for the weary men. Desperate, the small band of workers gathered together asking God to provide the needed supplies. “Later,” tells Dorsett, “some workers admitted that they were doubtful God would respond.”

As the first gleam of morning light rose above the battlefield, a wagon appeared on the horizon. As it approached the workers, they realized it was a large farm wagon piled high with loaves of bread. God had provided: manna from heaven!

The driver approached the men and told the following story: “When I went to bed last night, I knew the army was gone and I could not sleep for thinking of the poor fellows who were wounded and would have to stay behind. Something seemed to whisper in my ear, ‘What will those poor fellows do for something to eat?” I could not get rid of this voice.”

That faithful servant of God could not sleep, so he woke his wife and she began baking as much bread as possible. Meanwhile, he hitched up his wagon and called on his neighbors to gather additional food. Said the man: “[I felt} just as if I was being sent by our Lord Himself.”

Joseph M. Stowell, “Great is His Faithfulness!,” Today in the Word, November, 1998, pp. 2-3

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