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-1 = Not like me
0 = Undecided
+1 = Like Me

Score: 1 - Not Like Me; 0 - Undecided; +1 - Like Me

1. ____ If I do not hope for the highest standards of achievement in my performance I will be a second-rate or a no-rate person.

2. ____ If I do not fulfill my hopes of success I will be rejected by others, shunned and shamed by those I value.

3. ____ If I punish myself when I have failed my hopes by reviewing them, scolding myself with the, grieving for them, I can hope to do better in the future.

4. ____ When I fall short of my hopes I know deep inside that I am worthless, I am less of a person.

5. ____ I hope always to perform well above average since just doing well is no satisfaction at all.

6. ____ I hope to always be equal to or slightly better than those I admire or I am of no value at all.

7. ____ I hope I will never need admit any fault or error openly before others because people will think less of me.

8. ____ I hope I can immediately correct or completely change any tendency to error or failure. No one should make the same mistake twice.

9. ____ I hope that the constant low level of anxiety I maintain to see myself toward perfection will insure me against falling short.

10. ____ I hope by constant review of my past actions to discover any hidden flaws to keep myself from repeating them.

David Augsberger, When Enough is Enough, (Ventura, CA: Regal Books, 1984), p. 152

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