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One great and fatal offense under the O.T. was apostasy from the worship of Jehovah. This was punishable by death. It admitted of no repentance. The author strives to impress upon his readers that their danger was the same, their crime if they forsook Christ would be greater, and their punishment far more severe. It was greater, as much as Christ was greater than Moses, and His blood more sacred than that of bulls and goats. We need this caution and exhortation.

Source unknown

Secure and Careless

A ship sailing rapidly in a smooth sea, among hidden reefs and shoals, is often in more danger than when tossed about by a hurricane in mid-ocean. In the one case all on board are secure and careless, in the other all are watchful and alert. Our danger from within is an evil heart, not to be despised, not to be neglected, but strenuously watched. Our danger also comes from the influence of the world, its avocations, its amusements, its spirit, its opinions leading to indifference, tolerance of unbelief, and unfaithfulness.

Charles Hodge

In Hebrews Christ is …

1. Superior to the prophets, 1:1-3

2. Superior to the angels, 1:4, 2:18

3. Superior to Moses, 3:1-19

4. Superior to Joshua, 4:1-16

5. Superior to Aaron, 5:1, 10:18

Dr. James M. Gray, D.D.

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