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Fathering: Our Convenience or Their Good? (Hebrews 11:32 - 12:11)


This Father's Day message emphasizes one of the fundamental aspects of finishing the race well - that of being a disciplined leader in the home. Fathers should come home to lead and not to rest - to accept the challenges of biblical child-rearing.
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Getting Married or Know Someone who is?

It is Summer... That means it is time for couples to bind their lives together in Christ!

Here are some free helpful resources for Pastors and those preparing to get married or who have friends that will be this summer:

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15. The Wait Is Over (Exodus 12:14-51)

Exodus (part fifteen)

Waiting on God is one of the hardest things God asks of His children. The Hebrews have been living in Egypt—outside of the land God promised to give to Abraham and his descendants—for more than 400 years! They have been waiting on God. And for much of their time in Egypt, they have been enslaved under Pharaoh doing excruciating forced labor. They have been waiting on God to deliver them from their hard and hopeless situation. At last, we witness this historic event. God’s promise is fulfilled and Israel is allowed to leave Egypt and begin their journey to the Promised Land. Are you waiting on God to deliver you from your hard and hopeless situation?
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Be Encouraged

When one considers the idea of encouraging, the thought of giving help or support or cheering someone up comes to mind. Such is often expressed in the scriptural record. Thus Isaiah speaks of the need of helping the oppressed, who too often are the most in need of encouragement and help. For example, Isaiah writes:

Seek justice,
Encourage the oppressed.
Defend the cause of the fatherless,
Plead the case of the widow. (Isa. 1:17)1

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Hell Interrupted, Part 2

Tim Barnett and Greg Koukl

Hell is not a pleasant topic. It’s an ugly, unsettling, dangerous reality—expedient to dismiss, easy to avoid serious discussion about, convenient to disregard by joking about in a way that trivializes it.

This will not do, though, because the sobering certainty about Hell is this: One day every person who has ever lived will stand in judgment for their conduct in this life. For multitudes, that will not go well because for them, when the final gavel falls, Hell will be their sentence.

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14. God’s Might, God’s Mercy (Exodus 11:1–12:13)

Exodus (part fourteen)

The tenth and final plague against the Egyptians is meant to be conclusive. In God’s mercy, He has given Pharaoh and Egypt nine warning shots—nine opportunities to repent and recognize His sovereign might. It’s time for God to release the Hebrews from their Egyptian slavery once and for all. Death visits Egypt’s firstborn. The Hebrews are again protected from this plague, but conditionally so. The destroying angel will travel to Hebrew territory as well as Egyptian, but in God’s mercy a provision has been made for the Hebrew firstborn to be spared—if the Israelites will embrace the terms of God’s provision.
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2. Reformation Sunday: Why the Five Points Matter (Various Scriptures)

November 5, 2017

“Why would the pastor want to preach on the five points of Calvinism? Is he trying to stir up controversy?” No, my aim is not to be controversial, but to clarify some important but frequently misrepresented and misunderstood truths about salvation that the Reformation recovered.

23. Prova Final (Gênesis 22:1-24)


Quando me inscrevi para entrar no Seminário Teológico de Dallas (Texas, Estados Unidos), ao preencher o formulário de admissão, tive de responder algumas perguntas. Uma delas dizia respeito a uma área de interpretação bíblica em que há muita discordância entre os cristãos. Lembro-me de ter escrito que, embora concordasse pessoalmente com a opinião do seminário, não achava que a passagem citada desse embasamento a ela. Durante três anos ninguém disse nada. No que me dizia respeito, a questão estava encerrada.

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