Titus 2

Conduct Consistent with Sound Teaching

2:1 But as for you, communicate the behavior that goes with1 sound teaching. 2:2 Older men are to be temperate, dignified, self-controlled,2 sound in faith, in love, and in endurance.3 2:3 Older women likewise are to exhibit behavior fitting for those who are holy, not slandering, not slaves to excessive drinking, but teaching what is good. 2:4 In this way4 they will train5 the younger women to love their husbands, to love their children, 2:5 to be self-controlled,6 pure, fulfilling their duties at home,7 kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the message8 of God may not be discredited.9 2:6 Encourage younger men likewise to be self-controlled,10 2:7 showing yourself to be an example of good works in every way. In your teaching show integrity, dignity, 2:8 and a sound message that cannot be criticized, so that any opponent will be at a loss,11 because he has nothing evil to say about us. 2:9 Slaves12 are to be subject to their own masters in everything,13 to do what is wanted and not talk back, 2:10 not pilfering, but showing all good faith,14 in order to bring credit to15 the teaching of God our Savior in everything.

2:11 For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all people.16 2:12 It trains us17 to reject godless ways18 and worldly desires and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives in the present age, 2:13 as we wait for the happy fulfillment of our hope in the glorious appearing19 of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.20 2:14 He21 gave himself for us to set us free from every kind of lawlessness and to purify for himself a people who are truly his,22 who are eager to do good.23 2:15 So communicate these things with the sort of exhortation or rebuke24 that carries full authority.25 Don’t let anyone look down26 on you.

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