Psalms 86

Psalm 861

A prayer of David.

86:1 Listen2 O Lord! Answer me!

For I am oppressed and needy.

86:2 Protect me,3 for I am loyal!

O my God, deliver your servant, who trusts in you!

86:3 Have mercy on me,4 O Lord,

for I cry out to you all day long!

86:4 Make your servant5 glad,

for to you, O Lord, I pray!6

86:5 Certainly7 O Lord, you are kind8 and forgiving,

and show great faithfulness to all who cry out to you.

86:6 O Lord, hear my prayer!

Pay attention to my plea for mercy!

86:7 In my time of trouble I cry out to you,

for you will answer me.

86:8 None can compare to you among the gods, O Lord!

Your exploits are incomparable!9

86:9 All the nations, whom you created,

will come and worship you,10 O Lord.

They will honor your name.

86:10 For you are great and do amazing things.

You alone are God.

86:11 O Lord, teach me how you want me to live!11

Then I will obey your commands.12

Make me wholeheartedly committed to you!13

86:12 O Lord, my God, I will give you thanks with my whole heart!

I will honor your name continually!14

86:13 For you will extend your great loyal love to me,15

and will deliver my life16 from the depths of Sheol.17

86:14 O God, arrogant men attack me;18

a gang19 of ruthless men, who do not respect you, seek my life.20

86:15 But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and merciful God.

You are patient21 and demonstrate great loyal love and faithfulness.22

86:16 Turn toward me and have mercy on me!

Give your servant your strength!

Deliver your slave!23

86:17 Show me evidence of your favor!24

Then those who hate me will see it and be ashamed,25

for you, O Lord, will help me and comfort me.26

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