Psalms 76

Psalm 761

For the music director; to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a psalm of Asaph, a song.

76:1 God has revealed himself in Judah;2

in Israel his reputation3 is great.

76:2 He lives in Salem;4

he dwells in Zion.5

76:3 There he shattered the arrows,6

the shield, the sword, and the rest of the weapons of war.7 (Selah)

76:4 You shine brightly and reveal your majesty,

as you descend from the hills where you killed your prey.8

76:5 The bravehearted9 were plundered;10

they “fell asleep.”11

All the warriors were helpless.12

76:6 At the sound of your battle cry,13 O God of Jacob,

both rider14 and horse “fell asleep.”15

76:7 You are awesome! Yes, you!

Who can withstand your intense anger?16

76:8 From heaven you announced what their punishment would be.17

The earth18 was afraid and silent

76:9 when God arose to execute judgment,

and to deliver all the oppressed of the earth. (Selah)

76:10 Certainly19 your angry judgment upon men will bring you praise;20

you reveal your anger in full measure.21

76:11 Make vows to the Lord your God and repay them!

Let all those who surround him22 bring tribute to the awesome one!

76:12 He humbles princes;23

the kings of the earth regard him as awesome.24

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