Psalms 64

Psalm 641

For the music director; a psalm of David.

64:1 Listen to me,2 O God, as I offer my lament!

Protect3 my life from the enemy’s terrifying attacks.4

64:2 Hide me from the plots of evil men,

from the crowd of evildoers.5

64:3 They6 sharpen their tongues like a sword;

they aim their arrow, a slanderous charge,7

64:4 in order to shoot down the innocent8 in secluded places.

They shoot at him suddenly and are unafraid of retaliation.9

64:5 They encourage one another to carry out their evil deed.10

They plan how to hide11 snares,

and boast,12 “Who will see them?”13

64:6 They devise14 unjust schemes;

they disguise15 a well-conceived plot.16

Man’s inner thoughts cannot be discovered.17

64:7 But God will shoot18 at them;

suddenly they will be19 wounded by an arrow.20

64:8 Their slander will bring about their demise.21

All who see them will shudder,22

64:9 and all people will fear.23

They will proclaim24 what God has done,

and reflect on his deeds.

64:10 The godly will rejoice in the Lord

and take shelter in him.

All the morally upright25 will boast.26

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