Psalms 57

Psalm 571

For the music director; according to the al-tashcheth style;2 a prayer3 of David, written when he fled from Saul into the cave.4

57:1 Have mercy on me, O God! Have mercy on me!

For in you I have taken shelter.5

In the shadow of your wings6 I take shelter

until trouble passes.

57:2 I cry out for help to the sovereign God,7

to the God who vindicates8 me.

57:3 May he send help from heaven and deliver me9

from my enemies who hurl insults!10 (Selah)

May God send his loyal love and faithfulness!

57:4 I am surrounded by lions;

I lie down11 among those who want to devour me;12

men whose teeth are spears and arrows,

whose tongues are a sharp sword.13

57:5 Rise up14 above the sky, O God!

May your splendor cover the whole earth!15

57:6 They have prepared a net to trap me;16

I am discouraged.17

They have dug a pit for me.18

They will fall19 into it! (Selah)

57:7 I am determined,20 O God! I am determined!

I will sing and praise you!

57:8 Awake, my soul!21

Awake, O stringed instrument and harp!

I will wake up at dawn!22

57:9 I will give you thanks before the nations, O Master!

I will sing praises to you before foreigners!23

57:10 For your loyal love extends beyond the sky,24

and your faithfulness reaches the clouds.

57:11 Rise up25 above the sky, O God!

May your splendor cover the whole earth!26

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