Psalms 5

Psalm 51

For the music director, to be accompanied by wind instruments;2 a psalm of David.

5:1 Listen to what I say,3 Lord!

Carefully consider my complaint!4

5:2 Pay attention to my cry for help,

my king and my God,

for I am praying to you!

5:3 Lord, in the morning5 you will hear6 me;7

in the morning I will present my case to you8 and then wait expectantly for an answer.9

5:4 Certainly10 you are not a God who approves of evil;11

evil people12 cannot dwell with you.13

5:5 Arrogant people cannot stand in your presence;14

you hate15 all who behave wickedly.16

5:6 You destroy17 liars;18

the Lord despises19 violent and deceitful people.20

5:7 But as for me,21 because of your great faithfulness I will enter your house;22

I will bow down toward your holy temple as I worship you.23

5:8 Lord, lead me in your righteousness24

because of those who wait to ambush me,25

remove the obstacles in the way in which you are guiding me!26

5:9 For27 they do not speak the truth;28

their stomachs are like the place of destruction,29

their throats like an open grave,30

their tongues like a steep slope leading into it.31

5:10 Condemn them,32 O God!

May their own schemes be their downfall!33

Drive them away34 because of their many acts of insurrection,35

for they have rebelled against you.

5:11 But may all who take shelter36 in you be happy!37

May they continually38 shout for joy!39

Shelter them40 so that those who are loyal to you41 may rejoice!42

5:12 Certainly43 you reward44 the godly,45 Lord.

Like a shield you protect46 them47 in your good favor.48

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