Psalms 38

Psalm 381

A psalm of David, written to get God’s attention.2

38:1 O Lord, do not continue to rebuke me in your anger!

Do not continue to punish me in your raging fury!3

38:2 For your arrows pierce4 me,

and your hand presses me down.5

38:3 My whole body is sick because of your judgment;6

I am deprived of health because of my sin.7

38:4 For my sins overwhelm me;8

like a heavy load, they are too much for me to bear.

38:5 My wounds9 are infected and starting to smell,10

because of my foolish sins.11

38:6 I am dazed12 and completely humiliated;13

all day long I walk around mourning.

38:7 For I am overcome with shame14

and my whole body is sick.15

38:8 I am numb with pain and severely battered;16

I groan loudly because of the anxiety I feel.17

38:9 O Lord, you understand my heart’s desire;18

my groaning is not hidden from you.

38:10 My heart beats quickly;

my strength leaves me;

I can hardly see.19

38:11 Because of my condition,20 even my friends and acquaintances keep their distance;21

my neighbors stand far away.22

38:12 Those who seek my life try to entrap me;23

those who want to harm me speak destructive words;

all day long they say deceitful things.

38:13 But I am like a deaf man – I hear nothing;

I am like a mute who cannot speak.24

38:14 I am like a man who cannot hear

and is incapable of arguing his defense.25

38:15 Yet26 I wait for you, O Lord!

You will respond, O Lord, my God!

38:16 I have prayed for deliverance, because otherwise they will gloat over me;27

when my foot slips they will arrogantly taunt me.28

38:17 For I am about to stumble,

and I am in constant pain.29

38:18 Yes,30 I confess my wrongdoing,

and I am concerned about my sins.

38:19 But those who are my enemies for no reason are numerous;31

those who hate me without cause outnumber me.32

38:20 They repay me evil for the good I have done;

though I have tried to do good to them, they hurl accusations at me.33

38:21 Do not abandon me, O Lord!

My God, do not remain far away from me!

38:22 Hurry and help me,34 O Lord, my deliverer!

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