Psalms 28

Psalm 281

By David.

28:1 To you, O Lord, I cry out!

My protector,2 do not ignore me!3

If you do not respond to me,4

I will join5 those who are descending into the grave.6

28:2 Hear my plea for mercy when I cry out to you for help,

when I lift my hands7 toward your holy temple!8

28:3 Do not drag me away with evil men,

with those who behave wickedly,9

who talk so friendly to their neighbors,10

while they plan to harm them!11

28:4 Pay them back for their evil deeds!

Pay them back for what they do!

Punish them!12

28:5 For they do not understand the Lord’s actions,

or the way he carries out justice.13

The Lord14 will permanently demolish them.15

28:6 The Lord deserves praise,16

for he has heard my plea for mercy!17

28:7 The Lord strengthens and protects me;18

I trust in him with all my heart.19

I am rescued20 and my heart is full of joy;21

I will sing to him in gratitude.22

28:8 The Lord strengthens his people;23

he protects and delivers his chosen king.24

28:9 Deliver your people!

Empower25 the nation that belongs to you!26

Care for them like a shepherd and carry them in your arms27 at all times!28

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