Psalms 137

Psalm 1371

137:1 By the rivers of Babylon

we sit down and weep2

when we remember Zion.

137:2 On the poplars in her midst

we hang our harps,

137:3 for there our captors ask us to compose songs;3

those who mock us demand that we be happy, saying:4

“Sing for us a song about Zion!”5

137:4 How can we sing a song to the Lord

in a foreign land?

137:5 If I forget you, O Jerusalem,

may my right hand be crippled!6

137:6 May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth,

if I do not remember you,

and do not give Jerusalem priority

over whatever gives me the most joy.7

137:7 Remember, O Lord, what the Edomites did

on the day Jerusalem fell.8

They said, “Tear it down, tear it down,9

right to its very foundation!”

137:8 O daughter Babylon, soon to be devastated!10

How blessed will be the one who repays you

for what you dished out to us!11

137:9 How blessed will be the one who grabs your babies

and smashes them on a rock!12

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