Psalms 1

Book 1
(Psalms 1-41)

Psalm 11

1:1 How blessed2 is the one3 who does not follow4 the advice5 of the wicked,6

or stand in the pathway7 with sinners,

or sit in the assembly8 of scoffers!9

1:2 Instead10 he finds pleasure in obeying the Lord’s commands;11

he meditates on12 his commands13 day and night.

1:3 He is like14 a tree planted by flowing streams;15

it16 yields17 its fruit at the proper time,18

and its leaves never fall off.19

He succeeds in everything he attempts.20

1:4 Not so with the wicked!

Instead21 they are like wind-driven chaff.22

1:5 For this reason23 the wicked cannot withstand24 judgment,25

nor can sinners join the assembly of the godly.26

1:6 Certainly27 the Lord guards the way of the godly,28

but the way of the wicked ends in destruction.29

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