Job 34

Elihu’s Second Speech1

34:1 Elihu answered:

34:2 “Listen to my words, you wise men;

hear2 me, you learned men.3

34:3 For the ear assesses4 words

as the mouth5 tastes food.

34:4 Let us evaluate6 for ourselves what is right;7

let us come to know among ourselves what is good.

34:5 For Job says, ‘I am innocent,8

but God turns away my right.

34:6 Concerning my right, should I lie?9

My wound10 is incurable,

although I am without transgression.’11

34:7 What man is like Job,

who12 drinks derision13 like water!

34:8 He goes about14 in company15 with evildoers,

he goes along16 with wicked men.17

34:9 For he says, ‘It does not profit a man

when he makes his delight with God.’18

God is Not Unjust

34:10 “Therefore, listen to me, you men of understanding.19

Far be it from20 God to do wickedness,

from the Almighty to do evil.

34:11 For he repays a person for his work,21

and according to the conduct of a person,

he causes the consequences to find him.22

34:12 Indeed, in truth, God does not act wickedly,

and the Almighty does not pervert justice.

34:13 Who entrusted23 to him the earth?

And who put him over24 the whole world?

34:14 If God25 were to set his heart on it,26

and gather in his spirit and his breath,

34:15 all flesh would perish together

and human beings would return to dust.

God Is Impartial and Omniscient

34:16 “If you have27 understanding, listen to this,

hear what I have to say.28

34:17 Do you really think29

that one who hates justice can govern?30

And will you declare guilty

the supremely righteous31 One,

34:18 who says to a king,32 ‘Worthless man’33

and to nobles, ‘Wicked men,’

34:19 who shows no partiality to princes,

and does not take note of34 the rich more than the poor,

because all of them are the work of his hands?

34:20 In a moment they die, in the middle of the night,35

people36 are shaken37 and they pass away.

The mighty are removed effortlessly.38

34:21 For his eyes are on the ways of an individual,

he observes all a person’s39 steps.

34:22 There is no darkness, and no deep darkness,

where evildoers can hide themselves.40

34:23 For he does not still consider a person,41

that he should come before God in judgment.

34:24 He shatters the great without inquiry,42

and sets up others in their place.

34:25 Therefore, he knows their deeds,

he overthrows them43 in the night44

and they are crushed.

34:26 He strikes them for their wickedness,45

in a place where people can see,46

34:27 because they have turned away from following him,

and have not understood47 any of his ways,

34:28 so that they caused48 the cry of the poor

to come before him,

so that he hears49 the cry of the needy.

34:29 But if God50 is quiet, who can condemn51 him?

If he hides his face, then who can see him?

Yet52 he is over the individual and the nation alike,53

34:30 so that the godless man should not rule,

and not lay snares for the people.54

Job Is Foolish to Rebel

34:31 “Has anyone said to God,

‘I have endured chastisement,55

but I will not act wrongly any more.

34:32 Teach me what I cannot see.56

If I have done evil, I will do so no more.’

34:33 Is it your opinion57 that God58 should recompense it,

because you reject this?59

But you must choose, and not I,

so tell us what you know.

34:34 Men of understanding say to me –

any wise man listening to me says –

34:35 that60 Job speaks without knowledge

and his words are without understanding.61

34:36 But62 Job will be tested to the end,

because his answers are like those of wicked men.

34:37 For he adds transgression63 to his sin;

in our midst he claps his hands,64

and multiplies his words against God.”

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