Job 3

II. Job’s Dialogue With His Friends

Job Regrets His Birth

3:1 After this Job opened his mouth2 and cursed3 the day he was born.4 3:2 Job spoke up5 and said:

3:3 “Let the day on which6 I was born7 perish,

and the night that said,8

‘A man9 has been conceived!’10

3:4 That day11 – let it be darkness;12

let not God on high regard13 it,

nor let light shine14 on it!

3:5 Let darkness and the deepest

shadow15 claim it;16

let a cloud settle on it;

let whatever blackens the day17 terrify it!

3:6 That night – let darkness seize18 it;

let it not be included19 among the days of the year;

let it not enter among the number of the months!20

3:7 Indeed,21 let that night be barren;22

let no shout of joy23 penetrate24 it!

3:8 Let those who curse the day25 curse it26

those who are prepared to rouse27 Leviathan.28

3:9 Let its morning stars29 be darkened;

let it wait30 for daylight but find none,31

nor let it see the first rays32 of dawn,

3:10 because it33 did not shut the doors34 of my mother’s womb on me,35

nor did it hide trouble36 from my eyes!

Job Wishes He Had Died at Birth37

3:11 “Why did I not38 die39 at birth,40

and why did I not expire

as41 I came out of the womb?

3:12 Why did the knees welcome me,42

and why were there43 two breasts44

that I might nurse at them?45

3:13 For now46 I would be lying down

and47 would be quiet,48

I would be asleep and then at peace49

3:14 with kings and counselors of the earth

who built for themselves places now desolate,50

3:15 or with princes who possessed gold,51

who filled their palaces52 with silver.

3:16 Or why53 was54 I not buried55

like a stillborn infant,56

like infants57 who have never seen the light?58

3:17 There59 the wicked60 cease61 from turmoil,62

and there the weary63 are at rest.

3:18 There64 the prisoners65 relax66 together;67

they do not hear the voice of the oppressor.68

3:19 Small and great are69 there,

and the slave is free70 from his master.71

Longing for Death72

3:20 “Why does God73 give74 light to one who is in misery,75

and life to those76 whose soul is bitter,

3:21 to77 those who wait78 for death that79 does not come,

and search for it80

more than for hidden treasures,

3:22 who rejoice81 even to jubilation,82

and are exultant83 when84 they find the grave?85

3:23 Why is light given86 to a man87

whose way is hidden,88

and whom God has hedged in?89

3:24 For my sighing comes in place of90 my food,91

and my groanings92 flow forth like water.93

3:25 For the very thing I dreaded94 has happened95 to me,

and what I feared has come upon me.96

3:26 I have no ease,97 I have no quietness;

I cannot rest;98 turmoil has come upon me.”99

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