Job 26

Job’s Reply to Bildad1

26:1 Then Job replied:

26:2 “How you have helped2 the powerless!3

How you have saved the person who has no strength!4

26:3 How you have advised the one without wisdom,

and abundantly5 revealed your insight!

26:4 To whom6 did you utter these words?

And whose spirit has come forth from your mouth?7

A Better Description of God’s Greatness8

26:5 “The dead9 tremble10

those beneath the waters

and all that live in them.11

26:6 The underworld12 is naked before God;13

the place of destruction lies uncovered.14

26:7 He spreads out the northern skies15 over empty space;16

he suspends the earth on nothing.17

26:8 He locks the waters in his clouds,

and the clouds do not burst with the weight of them.

26:9 He conceals18 the face of the full moon,19

shrouding it with his clouds.

26:10 He marks out the horizon20 on the surface of the waters

as a boundary between light and darkness.

26:11 The pillars21 of the heavens tremble

and are amazed at his rebuke.22

26:12 By his power he stills23 the sea;

by his wisdom he cut Rahab the great sea monster24 to pieces.25

26:13 By his breath26 the skies became fair;

his hand pierced the fleeing serpent.27

26:14 Indeed, these are but the outer fringes of his ways!28

How faint is the whisper29 we hear of him!

But who can understand the thunder of his power?”

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