Job 19

Job’s Reply to Bildad1

19:1 Then Job answered:

19:2 “How long will you torment me2

and crush3 me with your words?4

19:3 These ten times5 you have been reproaching me;6

you are not ashamed to attack me!7

19:4 But even if it were8 true that I have erred,9

my error10 remains solely my concern!

19:5 If indeed11 you would exalt yourselves12 above me

and plead my disgrace against me,13

19:6 know14 then that God has wronged me15

and encircled16 me with his net.17

Job’s Abandonment and Affliction

19:7 “If18 I cry out,19 ‘Violence!’20

I receive no answer;21

I cry for help,

but there is no justice.

19:8 He has blocked22 my way so I cannot pass,

and has set darkness23 over my paths.

19:9 He has stripped me of my honor

and has taken the crown off my head.24

19:10 He tears me down25 on every side until I perish;26

he uproots27 my hope28 like one uproots29 a tree.

19:11 Thus30 his anger burns against me,

and he considers me among his enemies.31

19:12 His troops32 advance together;

they throw up33 a siege ramp against me,

and they camp around my tent.

Job’s Forsaken State

19:13 “He has put my relatives34 far from me;

my acquaintances only35 turn away from me.

19:14 My kinsmen have failed me;

my friends36 have forgotten me.37

19:15 My guests38 and my servant girls

consider39 me a stranger;

I am a foreigner40 in their eyes.

19:16 I summon41 my servant, but he does not respond,

even though I implore42 him with my own mouth.

19:17 My breath is repulsive43 to my wife;

I am loathsome44 to my brothers.45

19:18 Even youngsters have scorned me;

when I get up,46 they scoff at me.47

19:19 All my closest friends48 detest me;

and those whom49 I love have turned against me.50

19:20 My bones stick to my skin and my flesh;51

I have escaped52 alive53 with only the skin of my teeth.

19:21 Have pity on me, my friends, have pity on me,

for the hand of God has struck me.

19:22 Why do you pursue me like God does?54

Will you never be satiated with my flesh?55

Job’s Assurance of Vindication

19:23 “O that56 my words were written down,

O that they were written on a scroll,57

19:24 that with an iron chisel and with lead58

they were engraved in a rock forever!

19:25 As for me, I know that my Redeemer59 lives,

and that as the last60

he will stand upon the earth.61

19:26 And after my skin has been destroyed,62

yet in my flesh63 I will see God,64

19:27 whom I will see for myself,65

and whom my own eyes will behold,

and not another.66

My heart67 grows faint within me.68

19:28 If you say, ‘How we will pursue him,

since the root of the trouble is found in him!’69

19:29 Fear the sword yourselves,

for wrath70 brings the punishment71 by the sword,

so that you may know

that there is judgment.”72

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