Job 17

17:1 My spirit is broken,1

my days have faded out,2

the grave3 awaits me.

17:2 Surely mockery4 is with me;5

my eyes must dwell on their hostility.6

17:3 Make then my pledge7 with you.

Who else will put up security for me?8

17:4 Because9 you have closed their10 minds to understanding,

therefore you will not exalt them.11

17:5 If a man denounces his friends for personal gain,12

the eyes of his children will fail.

17:6 He has made me13 a byword14 to people,

I am the one in whose face they spit.15

17:7 My eyes have grown dim16 with grief;

my whole frame17 is but a shadow.

17:8 Upright men are appalled18 at this;

the innocent man is troubled19 with the godless.

17:9 But the righteous man holds to his way,

and the one with clean hands grows stronger.20

Anticipation of Death

17:10 “But turn, all of you,21 and come22 now!23

I will not find a wise man among you.

17:11 My days have passed, my plans24 are shattered,

even25 the desires26 of my heart.

17:12 These men27 change28 night into day;

they say,29 ‘The light is near

in the face of darkness.’30

17:13 If31 I hope for the grave to be my home,

if I spread out my bed in darkness,

17:14 If I cry32 to corruption,33 ‘You are my father,’

and to the worm, ‘My Mother,’ or ‘My sister,’

17:15 where then34 is my hope?

And my hope,35 who sees it?

17:16 Will36 it37 go down to the barred gates38 of death?

Will39 we descend40 together into the dust?”

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