Job 16

Job’s Reply to Eliphaz1

16:1 Then Job replied:

16:2 “I have heard many things like these before.

What miserable comforters2 are you all!

16:3 Will3 there be an end to your4 windy words?5

Or what provokes6 you that you answer?7

16:4 I also could speak8 like you,

if9 you were in my place;

I could pile up10 words against you

and I could shake my head at you.11

16:5 But12 I would strengthen13 you with my words;14

comfort from my lips would bring15 you relief.

Abandonment by God and Man

16:6 “But16 if I speak, my pain is not relieved,17

and if I refrain from speaking

– how18 much of it goes away?

16:7 Surely now he19 has worn me out,

you have devastated my entire household.

16:8 You have seized me,20

and it21 has become a witness;

my leanness22 has risen up against me

and testifies against me.

16:9 His23 anger has torn me24 and persecuted25 me;

he has gnashed at me with his teeth;

my adversary locks26 his eyes on me.

16:10 People27 have opened their mouths against me,

they have struck my cheek in scorn;28

they unite29 together against me.

16:11 God abandons me to evil30 men,31

and throws32 me into the hands of wicked men.

16:12 I was in peace, and he has shattered me.33

He has seized me by the neck and crushed me.34

He has made me his target;

16:13 his archers35 surround me.

Without pity36 he pierces37 my kidneys

and pours out my gall38 on the ground.

16:14 He breaks through against me, time and time again;39

he rushes40 against me like a warrior.

16:15 I have sewed sackcloth on my skin,41

and buried42 my horn43 in the dust;

16:16 my face is reddened44 because of weeping,45

and on my eyelids there is a deep darkness,46

16:17 although47 there is no violence in my hands

and my prayer is pure.

An Appeal to God as Witness

16:18 “O earth, do not cover my blood,48

nor let there be a secret49 place for my cry.

16:19 Even now my witness50 is in heaven;

my advocate51 is on high.

16:20 My intercessor is my friend52

as my eyes pour out53 tears to God;

16:21 and54 he contends with God on behalf of man

as a man55 pleads56 for his friend.

16:22 For the years that lie ahead are few,57

and then I will go on the way of no return.58

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