Job 11

Zophar’s First Speech to Job1

11:1 Then Zophar the Naamathite spoke up and said:

11:2 “Should not this2 abundance of words be answered,3

or should this4 talkative man5

be vindicated?6

11:3 Will your idle talk7 reduce people to silence,8

and will no one rebuke9 you when you mock?10

11:4 For you have said, ‘My teaching11 is flawless,

and I am pure in your sight.’

11:5 But if only God would speak,12

if only he would open his lips against you,13

11:6 and reveal to you the secrets of wisdom –

for true wisdom has two sides14

so that you would know15

that God has forgiven some of your sins.16

11:7 “Can you discover17 the essence18 of God?

Can you find out19

the perfection of the Almighty?20

11:8 It is higher21 than the heavens – what can you do?

It is deeper than Sheol22 – what can you know?

11:9 Its measure is longer than the earth,

and broader than the sea.

11:10 If he comes by23 and confines24 you25

and convenes a court,26

then who can prevent27 him?

11:11 For he28 knows deceitful29 men;

when he sees evil, will he not30 consider it?31

11:12 But an empty man will become wise,

when a wild donkey’s colt is born a human being.32

11:13 “As for you,33 if you prove faithful,34

and if35 you stretch out your hands toward him,36

11:14 if37 iniquity is in your hand – put it far away,38

and do not let evil reside in your tents.

11:15 For39 then you will lift up your face

without40 blemish;41

you will be securely established42

and will not fear.

11:16 For you43 will forget your trouble;44

you will remember it

like water that45 has flowed away.

11:17 And life46 will be brighter47 than the noonday;

though there be darkness,48

it will be like the morning.

11:18 And you will be secure, because there is hope;

you will be protected49

and will take your rest in safety.

11:19 You will lie down with50 no one to make you afraid,

and many will seek your favor.51

11:20 But the eyes of the wicked fail,52

and escape53 eludes them;

their one hope54 is to breathe their last.”55

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