1tn Heb “and the sons of Israel according to their number, heads of the fathers and the commanders of the thousands and the hundreds and their officers who served the king with respect to every matter of the divisions, [that which] comes and goes out month by month according to all the months of the year, one division [was] twenty-four thousand.”

2tn Heb “the leader.”

3tn Heb “That [was the] Benaiah [who was] a warrior of the thirty and over the thirty, and his division, Ammizabad his son.”

4tn Heb “[was] after him.”

5tn Heb “anger was on Israel.”

6tc The Hebrew text has “in the number,” but מִסְפַּר (mispar) is probably dittographic – note that the same word appears immediately before this. The form should be emended to בְּסֵפֶר (b˙sefar, “in the scroll”).

7tn Heb “with respect to the work of the land.” The phrase refers to agricultural labor; see HALOT 776-77 s.v. עֲבֹדָה.

8tn Heb “and over [that] which is in the vineyards, with respect to the storehouses of the wine, [was] Zabdi the Shiphmite.”

9tn Or “foothills”; Heb “the Shephelah.”

10tn Heb “was an adviser, a man of insight, and a scribe.”

11tn Heb “[was] with” (so KJV, ASV); NASB “tutored”; NRSV “attended”; NLT “was responsible to teach.’

12tn Heb “friend.”