1tn Or “brothers.”

2tn Heb “for a gate and a gate,” i.e., for each gate.

3tn “Shelemiah” is a variant of the name “Meshelemiah” (cf. 26:2).

4tn Heb “a guard alongside a guard.”

5tn Or “treasuries.”

6tn “Ladan” is a variant of the name “Libni” (cf. 6:17).

7tn “Jehieli” is a variant of the name “Jehiel” (cf. 23:8).

8tn A number of English versions follow the LXX and Vulgate and read “Shubael” here (e.g., NAB, NIV, NCV, CEV).

9tc The marginal reading (Qere) is “Shelomith,” while the consonantal text (Kethib) has “Shelomoth.”

10tc The MT reads “Shelomoth”; the name is spelled “Shelomith” in the marginal reading (Qere) of v. 25.

11tn Or “seer.”

12tn The words “the temple” are supplied in the translation for clarification.

13tn Heb “and they were searched and there were found in them.”

14tn Heb “and his brothers, sons of respect, [were] 2,700, heads of fathers.”

15tn Heb “with respect to every matter of God and matter of the king.”