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May Newsletter Contest Winner


Elizma’s theme: that she wants to pass on is this: “Press On!! Never give up.”  In Phil 3:12-14 we are told to press on and never give up. A special woman has taught me this and is still continuing to teach me this very special value in life. My mother was 59 years old when she felt the Lord pressing her to become a missionary. There was just one problem. Her age. There was no organization or institution that wanted to send her, since they said that at this age, their missionaries retire!  She didn't give up though.  She educated herself and completed a course at a Theological college.  Prior to the course, she visited her son who was busy with his service as a diplomat in New Delhi, India.  As they were driving away from the airport, people were begging on the streets and knocking on the car windows desperate for help.  What was more traumatic to her was the fact that they had no fingers on their hands, or no nose or lips on their faces.  They were lepers.  In her mind she prayed.........."Oh Lord, you can send me anywhere, but just not here.  It is too horrific for me". At the end of her year college, the Lord sent her to Nepal.  Nepal is a small country adjacent to India!!  The Himalayan mountain range is spread throughout this small country.  My mother, being an avid trekker was drawn like a magnet to this land.  Where did she start her service?  In the leprosy hospital!!  She has continued in this country for the last 12 years. She has pressed on and taught many a first generation christian the walk and way of the Christian life. Although it is a tough, 3rd world life, she has never given up.  I see this in her life daily.  A month ago, my 14 yr old daughter and myself visited her and at the same time we went to climb up to the Mount Everest Base camp (5350m).  My mother joined us.  We were attempting a 3 generation expedition.  After 2 days, my mother, who had already been working in Nepal for 3 months, realized that she had a parasite in her intestines from food or water that she had consumed, and so had to turn back.  My daughter and I continued and completed the 13 day trek with much joy. We had conquered the mountain.  My mother met up with us once we were down again and showed us through her ministry grounds.  We have returned home humbled by what she has achieved all to the glory and honor of our Lord Almighty.  Today, a month after our journey, we are praying in thanksgiving for her, since she didn't give up, she has gone again up the Mount Everest trek, this time on her own and this is the very day that she has reached Everest Base Camp.  She pressed on and has achieved at the age of 71 a phenomenal feat!!!  We can only praise the Lord that he has allowed her to "sing her swan song" as she so aptly puts in. She has taught both my daughter and myself, that one step at a time will get you up the mountain.  As in life, one step at a time will move us through life's mountains and challenges.  And each step is fully in our Lord's strength.  For in our own strength we are nothing.  Not by might nor by power, but by HIS strength alone!!