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God’s Word reveres women and this month we want to stop, look back and take time to honor those we honor with the title "Mother."  Many of us have had the privilege of a mother or  grandmother who influenced us to love and follow Jesus by her actions, words, and deeds. Each was an example to us in some way of faithfulness, love and devotion. The pages of scripture, from beginning to end, are filled with stories of joy, tragedy, hope and despair. In the OT, we have mothers such as Hannah who prayed for a child and then offered him to the Lord for His service. In the NT, we have an example of love, devotion and servanthood as seen in the mother of Christ. Her servant spirit brought us the greatest story ever told of the incarnation, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 13, 2012. Who in your life will you honor on this special day? Send us a note using this webform that we may rejoice with you.
The Women’s Ministries of celebrates women of all walks and stages of life. Many of you are familiar with the Tapestry Blog. We are privileged to have a group of women who have trained women’s leaders, written articles, books or Bible studies. Take time to browse the women’s page for personal and/or ministry helps.

Partnership News would like to announce a new partnership with Tony Evans. recently created a new "Co-Brand" site for Dr. Evans. The new site can be found at  Tony Evans Ministries is the newest of several Co-Brand sites that has created. If your organization has a national or global reach and you think a Co-Brand that we supply free for your use would benefit your ministry please contact us at [email protected]

Major Revision to our Study Environment

On May 1st, when you wake up and you go to the NET Bible Study Environment (, you will see a new tab on the left side called "Library" . On this tab you will have access to Books and Journals. You can subscribe to the Thelogical Journals on a  Monthly or yearly basis and you can subscribe or purchase the Church HIstory and Commentaries Collection. The Jouranls are added to your search function and the book collection is added to your "My Books" tab under the Library tab. With both options you can search the Environment and look up words.  An wonderful addition to your daily studies

In our April newsletter we asked why Easter is a blessing to you. We thank you for your responses and your notes of encouragement to us. May we all remember and take time to bless our Risen Resurrected Lord. For a Christian, Easter or Resurrection Day is every day! Here is a sample of the responses as well as a letter from a grateful reader.
From Chuk: It was at Easter that I surrendered my life to Jesus.
From Prince Emeka: Of a truth, Easter is the period we Commemorate the Death and Resurrection of our Savior who …. said: "it is finished"….
From Derick: Your articles are always so well written, informative and well thought out. I  am grateful to have found such a welcoming and comforting site as this one, and will certainly attend/visit it weekly Thank you for all the work and love that you put into each page and each post. God Bless You.

We are looking for people who have a heart for ministry, people who want to impact the world for Christ and are team players, not afraid of hard work.

1- Praise! We filled our Drupal needs and are now looking for a Python programmer. We are looking to build a Khan Academy clone for discipleship training on the Google app engine GAE.

2-Android App Developer (full or part time)
3- Are You a Graphics/User Interface Designer? We need your skills part-time to help us design our mobile app and make a consistent interface from it and the site. 
For additional information on these jobs  click here

 OTHER QUESTIONS   Are you involved in distance learning either as a course developer or a technologist? If so, we would like to talk to you and interact with you.

FACEBOOK:  You are probably wondering how all of our social networking sites harmonize and work. Short explanation: Facebook is the page where we post news items, daily devotionals, pictures of events and happenings, spiritually uplifting articles. The NET Bible Facebook page is just scripture alone. The Twitter account shares short sayings to inspire and also for you to share with others.
When we began this extended journey in May of 2010 our “like” numbers were at 10,000. Two years later we are up at 16,622. We thank you for sharing, for choosing “like” and for commenting on the posts on the Facebook page. The more you share, the more you like, the more you comment, the more we are able to connect and let others hear about and learn about its vital link to sharing Christ.
TWITTER: Have a twitter account? You can let others know all about your status or what is even better is that you can “tweet” news from and about This month alone 100+ people have decided to follow us! Come check us out, come follow us this month @bibleorg
In need of a spiritual uplift throughout the day? Find it at the NET Bible Facebook page! Ps 42:1 As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God!
The Chinese NET page on Sina Blog and Weibo (the most popular social media in China) is online. Please visit and for details. If you speak Chinese, please "follow" us to get the most updated news on Chinese NET project and help us spread the Good News to the Chinese population.
The Chinese NET study environment is being constructed. If you have a burden and talent in Bible  names translation and want to join the translation ministry team, please contact us.


If you are interested in evolution discussions, you will surely love the interactions on the forum at this link where Mike is the moderator and guide of the discussion.
Interested in the question: “Who was Theophilus?” then this forum interaction is for you! Join Gideon as he guides this discussion as well as the discussion on 390 yrs and 40 yrs in Ezekiel 4.
Gather your thinking caps and read this blog post to find excellent and wise analysis of learning styles in the blog written by Susan Greenwood called: “Does Your Lesson Cross Learning Style Borders?
News from the “NET Bible Revolution” Blog Posts: There is a new face on this posting as Dr Brian Webster (OT editor) has taken over. He has been discussing forms of translation and inserting explanations about translation. His last post is on the word “sojourner”. Come along and learn about how Brian derives his conclusions.

In continuing our new focus on Discipleship, we encourage you to view the video series of Dr. Bill Lawrence as he teaches: “Forming Davids for the 21st Century: From Discipleship to Leadership. In this series Dr. Lawrence challenges us with two very important questions: Are we aware of how God is forming us? More importantly, are you engaged with Him as He is forming you even now? We thank Dr. Bill for sharing his insights with us and with you!

 Interested in learning more about the Glory of God through the study of Revelation? Then Bob Deffinbaugh’s series will interest you: “The Lord’s Letter to the Seven Churches of Asia”.

Are you a teacher using the Lifeway Curriculum? We have uploaded resources for Teachers preparing lessons for the book of Joshua: Southern Baptist Sunday School Resources


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