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M1 Applications

 How to apply M1 to your life

M1 can be applied in two ways.

It can be the path that you follow for your Christian walk and it can be the lens in which you look at life.

The Path

Looking at the 5 key areas within M1 you can see a path that you can follow in order to help you with your next step in faith. M1 starts with knwoing God and who he is and takes you all the way through to building disciples behind you. Following this process makes it easy to walk the walk.

Fellowship with God - Integrty - Relationship - Sharing - Thumbprint

The firsts within the First helps you see more of what you can do to improve or work on the 5 key points. As seen in the M1 matrix below

M1 F I R S T
F Fellowship Faith Intimacy Reverence Strength Trust
I Integrity Follow Instruction Read Sound/Solid Tenacity
R Relationships Family Interpersonal Resemblance Similarity Tender
S Sharing Friends Illuminate Relate Social Testimony
T Thumbprint Freedom Inheritance Results Substance Tradition

Each of the 25 firsts will help you along your path.  You can use M1 as an outline as you walk along your path.

The Lens

How do I apply M1 to my life?

As you go through life you can run into situations that may cause you to ask question. M1 can help you with this. 

Let's say you walk into a large electronics store and you see some new fancy gadget that you thought you just had to have. Before you reach for your wallet, lets see how it applies to M1 ( Ministry First) as you are looking at this gadget ask yourself these 5 questions.

Will this gadget help me with my Fellowship with God?
Will this gadget help me with my Integrity?
Will this gadget help me with my Relationships?
Will this gadget help me with my Sharing?
Will this gadget help me with my Thumbprint?

If you answered no to the 5 questionsthen, do you really need to have that gadget?  Let go one further.  Lets say your having lunch with a friend and your not sure if the conversation is one that you want to be involved in. In the above 5 questions replace The word "gadget" with the words"this conversation". If you answer no to all 5 then maybe you shoudlshould not be having that conversation, or posting that statement on facebook or talking about a friend to another.

M1 can help you "see" the little things in your life and help you decide which is the next best step for you to take. Whether its wlaking out foof the store without buying something or preventing you from getting into a gossip session with a friend.

So as you can see M1 can be a Lens at which you look at life and a path that you can take to improve your Christian walk.

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