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LifeWay July 15th - Follow the Leader

How can I be a better follower of those God puts in leadership

Background Passage - Judges 3:7-5:31
Lesson Passages - Judges 4:1-4, 6-8a; 5:1-5, 9-11a

Encourage Leaders to listen to the Lord - Judges 4:1-4,6-7
Get Personally Involved - Judges 4:8a,10
Praise the Lord for Godly Leaders - Judges 5:1-5, 9-11a

Goal: To help adults support and boldly follow godly leaders.

Articles to help you with your studies

Deborah and Barak 
Courageously Act for Justice  
A Smashing Salvation 
God's Power; Man's Weakness 
Strong Women, Weak-kneed (Wimpy) Men 
Ehud's "Gut Reaction" - Or - No Guts, No Glory 
The Role of Women in the Book of Judges 

Books that may help you with your studies

Java with the Judges - A Bible study in the book of Judges

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