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Wrong Man

A man in Spokane (Mr. Russell) had arranged for the minister from a large church to perform his wedding. The day came and the minister didn’t. The minister sent a replacement. The man was upset, and never forgot the incident. 30 years later my wife had a garage sale. My mother was there helping. A neighbor came over and they introduced themselves. He heard her last name and asked, “Are you related to a minister?” “Yes,” she said, “my husband is one.” “Well, I could tell you a thing or two.” My mother replied, “Go ahead, I’ve heard it all.” “30 years ago he was supposed to perform my wedding…” and he told his story. My mother asked, “How long ago was that?” “30 years” he said. “Well, it couldn’t have been my husband. We only moved here 25 years ago.” For 30 years Mr. Russell had been bitter at the wrong man! - J. U.

John Underhill, Spokane, WA.

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