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What Would It Be Like…

H. Luccock asks this stimulating question: “What would it be like to see life as Jesus saw it?” He goes on to say, “Suppose after almost a lifetime of low vision and dull perception, we were given the gift of His vision. Wouldn’t it be something like what happens when a person who is nearly blind, has sight restored? This has happened to people with only 10% vision or less through low-vision rehabilitation clinics.”

He continues, “One day a 35 year-old insurance salesman came to the Vision Rehabilitation Clinic in Providence, Rhode Island. He had only 1% vision since age ten. He had gone through life in a gray shadow. When a pair of magnifier glasses was slipped into place, his jaw dropped in amazement. Then he exploded, ‘Oh praise God, look at what I can see!” After all these years, it’s a miracle, the greatest thing that ever happened!’ Minutes later he phoned his wife and said, ‘Honey, I’m coming home to see what you really look like!”

Morning Glory, Sept.-Oct. 1997, p. 25

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