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What Motivates People?

Significant contributions. People get excited when they can be involved in a purpose or cause that has lasting impact. They must see that their efforts and time are making a difference in the lives of others.

Goal Participation. People support what they create. They must have ownership! Nothing creates better ownership than giving input into common goals.

Positive Dissatisfaction. People will not shift paradigms (and then values) until they get angry! Dissatisfied people are highly motivated; they see the need for immediate change. The key is giving the individual a vision for how they can make a positive impact. Dissatisfaction breeds apathy when change does not follow quickly.

Recognition. Give people credit for their personal achievements and show appreciation for contributions. This will give them a boost of energy. Recognition is a great way of 'living out a life of thanksgiving.? Insincere flattery is not the same as recognition, and the recipient typically sees it as manipulation.

Clear Expectations. People are motivated when they know as much information as possible in accomplishing a new task. When I passed out a job description detailing the specific responsibilities of a cell leader, one young man said, "I have been waiting my whole Christian life for someone to show me how I could effectively live this out.'

Quoted in "Cell Church?, Winter, 1996, p. 16

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